Staff Mobility for Teaching and Training

Information for IVS lecturers.

If you leave to Europe within the academic year 2018-2019 in the context of training, education or research, this can partly be funded by Erasmus +. With the exception of a conference or seminar, these are not covered by the regulation here. If you want to apply for such a scholarship, please contact Marc Elie. There is a deadline for applying for such a scholarship for the current academic year and this is December 15th, 2018.
The allowance must be seen as a contribution towards the expenses incurred during a foreign experience and will not always be cost-effective. The amount of the allowance differs per country and depends on the length of your stay abroad. The costs incurred by you must always be claimed in the usual way.
During the stay, an educational activity is required.

The following starting points for this regulation apply:

You can get an allowance once per academic year.
The university you are going to must have a treaty with HAN. So check whether they are in the list at the International Office. Laura Kapitein can check this for you:

You have to carry out an educational activity during your stay.
Submit forms before December 15, 2018.

Travel costs are reimbursed according to a distance table. See the site.
Accommodation costs are also reimbursed up to a certain maximum per day. See Table.

You declare these costs with IVS. The maximum is awarded according to these tables. Please note that you must have proof of expenditure.
So you can, for example, claim up to 80 euros per day for accommodation costs, but you must also be able to hand over the receipts. If you go 15 days or more, the day amount will be reduced to 70% of the original amount.



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