COHEHRE is a non-profit organization who brings together students and academic staff from member higher education institutions across Europe.  COHEHRE is committed to promote, develop and support interprofessional learning, teaching and research as well as improving collaborative practice and enhancing strategic management.

COHEHRE enables opportunities for networking, sharing of information, best practice and experiences in the area of interprofessional education and learning in the fields of health, social care and rehabilitation.

Members of COHEHRE are Higher Education Institutions from all over Europe.

UAS HAN institute of nursing is a member of the COHEHRE network and participates each year in it’s conference by keeping presentations and sending lecturers and students to this event.

COHEHRE aims to:

  • provide a forum for raising shared insights of every practitioner and educator within Europe, at every higher educational level and in every health care situation

The philosophy is influenced and embodies in ways of working which incorporate key themes from European and Global policy

  • European themes
  • Interprofessional working
  • Curriculum development for compliance with EU Policy e.g. Bologna Agreement
  • Education Policy
  • Health and Social Care Policy
  • Globalisation

COHEHRE is divided into the COHERE Academy, COHEHRE Research and COHEHRE Strategic Management.

An annual conference is organised by one of the members. The 2019 conference will be held at the University of Vic, 3-5 April 2019 in Vic, Spain.
Conference website

For more information about COHEHRE please visit the website:



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