The Institute of Nursing Studies (INS) is part of HAN University of Applies Sciences and offers courses in the field of Nursing and Allied Medical Care. Linked to INS are several research groups. Both courses and research focus on the quality of human health in the broadest sense of the word. INS considers health as the ability of patients to adapt to and self-manage their own illness.

Our programme in Allied Medical Care educates students to become professionals in acute health care. Whereas Nursing Studies trains students to become general health care professionals in the field of general, mental or social health care.

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Working as a professional in health, students are able to recognise and analyse the actual or potential consequences of physical and mental processes, disabilities and developmental disorders for an individual’s basic life tasks. They are also able to give advice, assistance and treatment related to these physical and mental processes, disabilities and disorders.

Nurses and allied medical care professionals possess a widely applicable range of skills. They critically and thoughtfully combine their expertise with expertise on home management, care and well-being and acute care.

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Bachelor-trained nurses and allied medical care professionals find themselves in the upper segment of the health professions, on a par with paramedical professionals. The course aims to deliver graduates with a positive learning attitude who have a clear command of level 5 expertise. They are sufficiently competent to provide a relevant contribution in a multi-professional context in every area of health care.

In order to keep all lecturers knowledge up to date in a ever faster changing society and professional field we offer international exchange possibilities to our staff. INS is also receptive towards colleagues from foreign universities who are willing to engage in a stay with us.

As an example of our ambitions we are currently in a benchmark process with the nursing department of Artevelde University College from Ghent , Belgium. Aim of this process is to learn from each other and to enrich both our nursing educations as a part in reaching our goals both locally and internationally.

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