International Courses (NAU & SNS students only)

Dear students from NAU and SNS coming to our university. We are very happy to receive you and looking forward to your stay here with us. We will organize a very interesting programme in which many aspects of Dutch healthcare will be offered. Many students already preceded you!! Without exception everyone was very enthusiastic. It is described by students as an adventurous experience in which they came to know new aspects of their personal and professional life. So if you still have to make the decision, don’t hesitate any longer and apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity!


NAU students

Twice yearly an exchange is organized between our universities for students in nursing (bachelor training). Each time two selected students are offered the chance to spent half a year at each others university.

As NAU student you will follow a 7 week theoretical course about internationalization in our nursing department. Many aspects about going abroad will be offered to you. The programme during those 7 weeks is the same programme as offered to our regular students. It’s called: minor internationalization (see under HAN students!). After 7 weeks you will be offered a clinical experience of 5 weeks at a home care organization.  Many students already joined this exchange programme. So far the experiences have been very positive without any exception. Both students and stakeholders in the field organized a warm welcome for all of you. Many NAU students left a deep positive impression. We love your enthusiasm and positive spirit. Characteristics also admired by our clients in homecare. This has often lead to the situation where NAU students give care totally independent in a one to one relationship with the client. All of this after just a few weeks in the Netherlands!

For more information about this programme please contact at NAU Karen Plager:

Or at HAN:


SNS students

Once yearly we receive students from SNS Nursing school. We always prepare a warm welcome for you. As your period of stay with us is rather short and at the end of the year just before the Christmas break we always design a “new” programme for you. The programme offered will give you the possibility to experience different parts of Dutch healthcare by following several interesting clinicals in various healthcare institutions. So far the experiences have been very positive for both SNS students as for hospitals and healthcare organizations participating in this programme. Housing is arranged by our university. The fact that many Dutch clients have relatives in Australia makes the encounter with an Australian nursing student here in the Netherlands sometimes very special to them. Students may end up in a situation where clients tell lots of personal family stories…., as you can imagine in such situations a connection is made very easily and you are welcomed very much!

For more information about this programme please contact at SNS Jacqueline Bloomfield:

Or at HAN: