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HAN Students in the HAN LibraryHAN University of Applied Sciences offers higher education of an outstanding quality within an inspiring, innovative, international environment. We strive to prepare our students to meet today’s challenges of globalisation by combining unrivalled practical education with specialised teaching delivered by skilled professionals. One of the key features of our courses is to facilitate our students’ development of knowledge and expertise within a global perspective. Our approach is to embed internationalisation within our teaching activities. That is why we very much welcome international staff and students to our university in order to create a truly international environment at our campuses.

Our Arnhem and Nijmegen campuses offer Bachelors and Masters courses to approximately 30,000 students. HAN University of Applied Science’s broad range of courses can be taken either full-time, part-time, online, separately or in combination with a variety of other internal and /or external courses. Our Centres of Expertise and research groups deliver custom research, advice and post-graduate courses for companies and institutions. With clear and rigorous contract management, we strive to deliver result-oriented work based on a large degree of freedom within an agreed framework.

HAN University of Applied Sciences offers almost every type of professional course related to the following domains: Education, Social Studies, Commerce, Communication, Business Administration, Law, Economics, Engineering, Built Environment, Applied Sciences, IC and Communication, Health, Nursing, and Sport and Exercise. Within these domains Dutch-speaking students can choose from 65 Bachelors and 20 Masters and 150 minors (elective one-semester units) which HAN offers. Of these, 6 Bachelors, 7 Masters and 20 exchange courses are taught in English and are open for international (English speaking) students.

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HAN University of Applied Sciences is situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands, near the German border. Visitors to this part of the country will be charmed by the typically Dutch scenery of wide rivers, bridges, dikes and polders, set against a background of woody hills and small towns.

Arnhem and Nijmegen
The twin cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen (only 15 km apart) – accommodate HAN University of Applied Sciences, one of the fastest growing universities of applied sciences in the country

Partner universities and international projects

HAN University of Applied Sciences has established many partnerships with universities and institutions all over the world. We recognize the importance of being part of a global network and exchanging ideas about higher education and internationalisation with our partners in different parts of the world. These partnerships offer students opportunities for studying abroad. They also provide teaching staff with opportunities for teacher exchanges and participation in international projects.

Woonzorgbegeleider (combi-opleiding)Faculty of Health and Social Studies
The institutes of Health Studies, Nursing, Sport and Social Studies within HAN’s Faculty of Health and Social Studies in Nijmegen offer a broad variety of Bachelors, Exchange and Masters Courses. The associated HAN VDO Education and Consulting Centre delivers higher vocational level courses, modules and training. HAN experts can also provide custom research and consultancy. This site is especially designed for students interested in Nursing and Allied Medical Care and offers a variety of courses and programmes where you as an international student can choose from.

Opportunities for foreign students

International Courses
International Course (for NAU & SNS students only)
International Office (Preparation)
International Week
Summer School