GGM International Preparation

It’s a principle of GGM that all students going abroad need some kind of theoretical preparation.

Students going abroad within the programme of the  minor Internationalization and the minor Health & Community Development (H&CD) don’t have to follow this programme. For all other students this programme is mandatory.


  • mandatory programme.
  • 3 sessions at three different days.
    • first meeting: Globalization
    • second meeting: Acculturation and Paradigmshift
    • third meeting: Culture, Care and Wellbeing
  • sessions are in the afternoon or in the evening.
  • student is free to choose which time suits best.
  • each session takes approximately 2 hours.
  • you are allowed to miss one session. As compensation a replacement assignment has to be made.

Apply for these preparational meeting at the international office. Kapittelweg 33, B0.02

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